Monday, July 11, 2016

Diamond rings- A preferred jewelry

Fancy diamond ring Amcor design, New York

Diamond rings are most preferred among all diamond jewelry. diamonds are famous for their glitter and hardness and it is called that "Diamonds are forever". Diamonds are costly, hence, diamond rings are expensive. There is a preference for diamond rings despite its high value. One looks, aristocrat while wearing a diamond ring on the finger.

Antique Cathedral Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

There are varieties of rings used as a diamond jewelry such as engagement rings, eternity rings, fancy rings, solitaire rings etc. There are separate types of rings for men and women.

Antique Channel Set Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Ring

There are bands such as wedding bands, which are also used as rings. Amcor Design, New York is renowned for its diamonds rings that it manufactures  and sells online in the US (America). 

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